Kimee, thank you so much for sharing your journey. What were the initial steps you took when planning your travel?


Thank you guys so much for allowing me the opportunity to share my #thisisthirty journey. Initially, I hit “googles” in search of a travel agent, who could lock in decent four star hotel rates, transfers and domestic travels, including flights and ferries on a payment plan. This detail is important when dealing with groups and the fact that I wanted to island hop. 



Many of us have tried to organize a group trip, we've reached out to friends and family, co-workers, set dates, payment schedules and activities, only to have people not follow through. Then it just ends up as a solo or two person trip! How were you able to see this trip through to completion?


Once I locked in a travel agent and a tentative itinerary, I sent an email blast to at least 25 people: entailing all travel plans and expenses. I know that sounds like an obscene amount of people, most people in their thirties do not know 25 people but I grew up as an only child so I like to be surrounded by people. I knew all 25 would not be able to join, but to minimize FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out) I thought to include everyone. Sadly, my friends that could not make it insisted on falling into the FOMO trap and all I could say was this could have been you but……….(Kanye shrugs).



Here at NHDC, we see beautiful images of travel and naturalista chic all the time, but your trip made us want to be right there with you! We were so captured by the images that you and your travel mates displayed.  So tell us about your beautiful crew! Who are these amazing people?


Most of my #thisisthirty companions are my actual friends that I see/hang with on a weekly basis in D.C. We all get together for Sunday bottomless brunch, happy hour, family dinners and we’re usually 15+ deep, so I’m used to always being around a large group. The other crew members are childhood friends that currently reside in Germany and Abu Dhabi. 



So where did you all go and what exciting adventures did you plan? 

Once we booked hotel and travel arrangements, with the agent, I then hit up “googles” for excursions. The thing I love about google is it is free and available to everyone, but people do not take advantage of it. I spent countless hours researching what each destination had to offer. In Cairo, we visited the Sphinx, Pyramids of Giza, the Memphis Museum and a fragrance oil shoppe (very classy). Cairo was the most intense part of the trip due to poverty and culture. I am thankful I only planned one full day so we were in and out of there. Next up, Athens, a portal to the Greek Islands. I must admit, I was not excited about Athens but once I got there I realized how beautiful it was; the people, the food, it was a breath of fresh air compared to our previous location. Finally, we turnt all the way up in celebration of my thirtieth in Mykonos, a metropolitan island reminiscent of South Beach.  We partied at a couple of beach clubs and enjoyed one night at a very exclusive club called Moni(so exclusive they do not have a website, just a home page). It was the type of place that has a list and is always “at capacity.” We had an amazing time and barely slept because the clubs close at 8 am. Also, it’s impossible to catch a cab and Uber does not exist, so one night we rode ATVs back from the club while watching the sunrise, amazing! Lastly, we ended the trip in beautiful, Santorini. It is the coolest place where the buildings are white and nestled near the top of the mountain. The crazy thing is you’re constantly aware of how close you are to the cloud-less sky and more importantly, how far away you are from the sea level (insert “wayyyyy up I feel I blessed”, literally).



What was your favorite part of this trip?

I am a water sign, so I predicted spending the day on a chartered yacht in Santorini would be my favorite (def a close second) but Athens’ Dinner in the Sky was the most breathtaking experience. We were suspended on a platform 60 feet into the sky while enjoying a five course meal + wine pairing and panoramic views of Athens’ skyline. I was so filled with joy that I cried on the way down. It was a moment where I felt an abundance of gratitude.



Wow that sounds amazing. So, where to next and with whom?

Next up is LA LA Land for my Sis’s birthday. We’re staying in the city for a couple of days partaking in the norm: LACMA, Runyon Canyon, shopping, pool parties, etc but I threw in a twist road tripping to Joshua Tree for rock climbing and camping and lastly “surfbort”ing in Malibu. Speaking of which, I need to find a wet suit!


Any final words?

I want more of us to travel and what better way than to share it with an audience of likeminded women and men! Thank you ladies for displaying my journey, this is only the beginning!


Kimee B. | IG: @fashionevryweek | 30 | Washington, D.C.
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Group shots
Group shots

Pyramids of Giza

Pyramids of Giza
Pyramids of Giza

Kimee with camel

Chartered Yacht in Santorini, Greece
Chartered Yacht in Santorini, Greece

Kimee & Michelle

Group shots
Group shots

Pyramids of Giza


Young, Traveling & Black 

Kimee takes us on her amazing journey from Egypt to Greece! #thisisthirty