Regimen building is a discipline. It takes consistency, planning and finesse. The regimen you create will ultimately result in healthy hair. The simplest and most common regimen consists of pre-poo – shampoo – deep condition – moisturize & seal – style. 

Be sure to pre-poo
We are pre-poo pro’s! This step is essential in preparing the strands for the often times harsh stripping associated with Shampooing. Think of it as a shampoo primer, the first step in ensuring that wash-day goes as smoothly as possible. Seanna-Kaye does an overnight pre-poo (equal amounts or one tablespoon of extra virgin olive oil, coconut oil and honey and a few drops of lavender essential oil for aromatherapy), while I do a conditioner detangle pre-poo (saturating the strands with an inexpensive conditioner and detangling with a wide tooth comb).

Select the right tools
Seamless wide tooth combs, satin pillowcases, alligator clips, all play an essential role in the transitioning process and maintaining these fragile and easily breakable kinky, curly, coily, wavy, strands of ours.

Protective Styles
Low manipulation hair styles rest the hair during this delicate period in your quest for healthy hair care. Some of our favorite styles are rod sets, bantu knots, Havana twists, crochet braids, twists and braids.

Deep conditioning 
Deep conditioning (especially after clarifying and protein treatments) ensures that the moisture balance is restored. This is a key component of an effective regimen. We have definitely seen a change in the health of our hair as a result of consistently incorporating deep conditioning into our regimen. 

Protein, protein, protein!
Protein will strengthen your hair to help with strength and elasticity. This will help with shedding and breakage.

No heat
During this delicate period of change, heat can have the same damaging effects as a relaxer. The strength of the strands is compromised, allowing for potential breakage. Heat styling is also quite drying on the strands.

Tips for Transitioners