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Your package has shipped” has to be 1 of the most confidence-boosting sentences ever created. After you get that notice in your email, it comes as no surprise to you when you see that package turn up at your doorstep. How would you live your life differently if you knew that you were guaranteed something, that it was absolutely yours to have, that it would belong to you and no one else, and if you knew the exact future date that thing would be delivered into your life? It's easy to wait for something that you know is on its way. Faith is knowing that "your package has shipped" even without notice, a sign, an email, a call, or a delivery date. There's tremendous peace in knowing that the right thing won't pass you by. Let that notion empower you, not with arrogance but with assurance. It's Yours." #naturalhairdoescare




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For some of us, exercising personal boundaries comes naturally. For others, we have to learn what our personal boundaries are, sometimes through challenging, painful experiences. If you have an issue with boundaries TRUST ME when I say from personal and professional experience that addressing this issue in your life could markedly & positively alter the course of your future goals and plans.


  1. Know that boundary violations are about power and control. People who routinely violate your boundaries with your direct or your indirect permission have power or control over you. Is that ok with you?

  2. Knowledge plus action is all kinds of right. Many people know their personal boundaries but don't exercise them because of fear and guilt: fear of not being liked and guilt about not pleasing others, despite how terrible the boundary violations make them feel. Would you rather be liked or respected?

  3. Self-awareness will benefit you and your relationships  (the ones you have or will have: personal, professional, familial). When you learn to protect your time, energy, personal space, health, finances, and emotions you will see the benefits in every aspect of your life.







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Know someone who’s prone to having a “bad attitude?” Guess what? It’s most likely the symptom of an underlying problem, and probably not the problem itself. That external sarcastic stance, ice grill, stank face, etc. functions as a wall, a barrier based on fear; low self-esteem; negativity; immaturity; resentment.


Solution: choose to change; use your energy and time putting out positivity; surround yourself with supportive people and keep yourself open to their constructive criticism; get a good therapist (I sure did drop that in there, natch); speak success into your life, job, relationships, finances; demand more of yourself than you do of others. Any other suggestions?



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I recently participated in a panel on natural hair and children that aired on the Brooklyn Independent Media channel. Producer Natasha Gaspard who you may know from invited me, natural hair guru and stylist Diane Bailey, and Imani Dawson, Editor-In-Chief of Tribe Called Curl to participate in what we do best: real talk about an issue we're really passionate about! The discussion was spurred by the widely-publicized targeting of children with natural hair like Vanessa Vandyke and the STRONG reaction of many through social media.   


Those few minutes of discussion really flew by and we ALL had so much more we wanted to say. But I haven't been able to get this question out of my mind: Why are they coming for the children???? My thoughts: READ MORE HERE