2017 Fall Hat Lookbook

A hat can be one of the most stylish accessories for the curly girl to complete her #naturalistachic look. Our 2016 Fall Hat Lookbook was such a hit, we had to do it again for our favorite season (you can read more about that right here)! Fall is the perfect season to mix and match your favorite hat styles since they're on trend, and readily available at some of your favorite retailers.

Fall is quickly coming to an end and though the weather has been so variable in Virginia Beach (and maybe where you are too), I’ve stuck to my favorite thermal style, wandcurls of course, under my new hats. This year I've added three styles to my hat collection to add some sass to my look for the fall.

Comfortable style is definitely a go-to for an on-the-go #rockmom such as myself. This is has definitely been my go-to hat. I love these colors for fall and find myself reaching for this Forever 21 velvet-esque royal blue cap when I want to jazz up my wandcurls.

Tip: The easiest way for me to get these lush curls is on freshly blow dried hair. My hair is full and lush thanks to weekly treatments and quality hair care at Salon Noa.

This beanie with the rhinestone and pearl embellishments & yarn pompom brings a classic vibe to this chic look. I added a rich tone with this Club Monaco cognac bag and my favorite pearl to tie in the beauty of this hat!

Tip: use the inner lining of the hat to help you secure your hats to your head. Push some bobby pins through the lining, and then slide the pins into your hair. Great way for us curly girls to keep our hats on!

Last year I talked about my love for hats and the collection I've amassed over the years in our 2016 Summer Hat Lookbook (check it out here).

As always, my hats are super affordable and can be found at your favorite retailers! Look at this beauty I found at TJMAXX for $9!

Tip: look for hats that are adjustable. The adjustable feature allows for you to secure the hat to your curls as loose or firm as you need!

For more #naturalistachic #fall ready looks, search my signature hashtag #nhdcstyleQUEEN

Everything you see in this lookbook is super affordable and accessible. I usually shop at Forever 21, H&M, Marshall’s or TJ MAXX and can find some amazing deals. This lookbook is not sponsored by either brand I just love sharing where I make my purchases lol!

Are you a hat lover like me? I’d love to know your go to haunts for your hat purchases! Let me know below…

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