Night Nation Run Norfolk Recap

I have never been to a music festival so when I saw Night Nation Run Norfolk being advertised all over my Instagram timeline, I just knew I had to go. Not only does this Running Music Festival take place at night, but it also supports Stand Up To Cancer (SU2C), AND it was coming to the next town over from Virginia Beach, VA which is where I live. It was literally a no-brainer. I asked my good friend Jonna (@NaturallyGlam) to check it out with me and she was pumped! Literally everyone in the Hampton Roads area was talking about going to this event. It was definitely the place to be.

I give the Night Run Nation folks all the credit in the world. They had things beyond organized. I appreciated the fact that you could take care of your registration and waiver online prior to coming to the event. All I had to do was pick up my packet the day before and breeze straight through to the start line the next day. We got a t-shirt, a glow necklace, and running bib in our packets which is perfect because that means we only needed our running shoes!

Though we missed the pre-party, you can tell that this aspect of the run is so well thought out.The crowd was so pumped by the time we got there, that you could literally feel the excitement in the air. Not only does it get you moving and warmed up for the race, but it also gets the energy and the vibes just right for the run. We were literally dancing on our way to the line lol!

The starting line was another check point of excitement. With giveaways, Electronic Dance Music, an energetic DJ, and an interactive light show, you had no choice but to be excited at the start of the race.

There were multiple party zones, glow gear giveaways and a selfie station along the course. Jonna and I saw these two little #preQUEENS in front of us with their cornrows, tutus, beads and glow bracelets, just so happy and excited to be with their parents and loved ones, dancing along the way..

Unfortunately it started raining by the time we got to Waterside District, so we stopped inside to seek shelter. The workers at Chipotle not only encouraged us on, but graciously offered us cups of water while we waited out the rain.

When the rain subsided, we continued on the course and finally made it to the finish line. We were so looking forward to crossing the finish line for the real party at the main stage with multiple DJ's lights, fog, cryo, confetti guns, and giveaways raining down on us. Unfortunately because of the inclement weather, the Fire Marshall disbanded the event in consideration of the safety of the participants.

Though there was no after party for us, we still were happy to have participated in the run, so much so that we're working on something exciting for our NHDC community for a future Night Run Nation stop. Stay tuned!

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