The BIG Reveal With EDEN Body Works and #EDENskin

Hey everyone! We are excited to be celebrating 5 years of curating #naturalistachic. Our thematic approach to our daily posts has garnered us an international audience of hundreds of thousands strong who trust our feedback on beauty and wellness brands.

@EDENBodyworks has been part of the NHDC family since our inception, and we’re thrilled that @EDENsJasmine has expanded her “attainable beauty” empire to launch #EDENSkin! Sunday May 21, 2017 was @NaturalHairDoesCare's Instagram takeover of @Edenbodywork's page for an #EDENSkin Social! We explored the NEW Coconut Shea Skincare Trio!

We asked three skin care-conscious women (a new mom, a nurse, and a makeup artist) to try a new skincare brand and to give us their feedback.

Meet Sandy, a first-time mom, who is ingredient-conscious and dedicated to the health and well-being of her family. We had a few new moms join us in the takeover. They shared that skincare is something that’s been on their minds a lot lately since their pregnancy and delivery and that they were focused on baby’s skin more than their own!

This is Rosanda, a nurse whose interactions with patients and staff make her very diligent about hand hygiene. Did you know that according to the CDC, the average nurse is expected to wash their hands 100 times per 12-hour shift???? The Coconut Shea Skincare trio is formulated to cleanse, hydrate, and protect those hard-working hands. Is hand hygiene a major part of your work life?

Zena is a makeup artist who practices and preaches the importance of healthy skin, since she spends a lot of time up close and personal with her clients’ faces. What will she think of the products we asked her to sample? Will they meet her expectations? What are some of your skin care rituals?

Press Play as they take us up on our challenge and they discover the @EDENBodyworks #EDENSkin Coconut Shea and Citrus Fusion Skin care lines, designed to deliver quality, luxurious skin care without the luxury price tag. And these product lines contain some of our fave ingredients: coconut oil, shea, castor oil, acai, chia, quinoa, orange extract.

A big “thank you” to our three volunteers Sandy, Rosanda, and Zena for their participation and honest feedback on both the @EDENBodyworks Coconut Shea and Citrus Fusion lines! Available at and at Sally Beauty stores. Oh! We’ve got one more Big Reveal to share….

We hope you’ve enjoyed learning about the new @EDENBodyworks Coconut Shea and the Citrus Skin lines, we’ve enjoyed using them for months now and we’re sure you will too. Seanna-Kaye’s been using the products to take care of her skin during her pregnancy! Yup, the NHDC family is growing, Shalleen-Kaye’s going to make such a great auntie!

Special thanks: @EDENBodyworks, @browngirlmktg, @inhershoesblog

A special thank you to @hyattcentrictsq for their amazing hospitality

Videography: @GravityMP

Second Camera Op: @Elliot_Ashby

Production Coordinator: @MetalEyePhotography

Makeup Artistry: @danieandthebloom For EDEN: @camaraaunique

Products available at www.edenbodyworks and at Sally Beauty stores.

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