2016 Fall Hat Lookbook

A hat can be one of the most stylish accessories for the curly girl to complete her #naturalistachic look. Our 2016 Summer Hat Lookbook was such a hit, we had to do it again for our favorite season! Fall is the perfect season to mix and match your favorite hat styles since they're on trend, and readily available at some of your favorite retailers. Fall has been very mild in Virginia, but that didn't stop me from breaking out some of my favorite hats. Here's a look into my go-to hats for some typical fall events:

The Church Girl Look. We've all seen her. That stylish girl on her way to service. Well put together and classy, she's always sought after for fashion inspiration! I get so many compliments and inquiries about this bomber. This look is hair-to-toe TJMaxx*! When paired with this chain embellished hat, it's definitely a conversation starter.

This jewel toned wool wide brim bowler is perfect for any occasion since the chain embellishment adds a bit of flair!

Tip: look for hats that have an adjustable lining. The adjustable string allows for you to secure the hat to your curls as loose or firm as you need!

The "Football-Soccer-Baseball-PTA-Everything-Mom" Look. You've seen that chic mom that always has her look together. Hair-to-toe comfy but tres chic?! This is the perfect look for her. Comfortable style is definitely a go-to for an on-the-go #rockmom such as myself.

I got this riding hat from @shopspreadla when my sister and I hosted the Bella Kinks Dallas Fort Worth Natural Hair Expo in October. I love the color and the faux fur pompom so much! It's easily become my current favorite hat.

Tip: Hats are not for everybody! If you're thinking about getting into hats this fall, check out this guide. It'll help you select the perfect style for you.

The Tailgate Look. Nothing screams fall more than tailgating! We are huge football fans (#rolltide), so having the perfect look for the Curly tailgater is a must! In true Crimson Tide fashion, this houndstooth oversized cardigan goes perfectly with these crimson pants (another TJMaxx score).

I love these colors for fall and find myself reaching for this wool crimson fedora when I want to jazz up my lowbun. Tip: The easiest way for me to get a sleek lowbun is on freshly blow dried hair. My hair is easier to manipulate and I use lighter products instead of more heavier gels that I reach for when I do a wet bun.

The Fashionista Look. True to my #NYCgirl ways, I always dress up when I head to the mall. And If I'm going out with my best friend KB then I make sure I'm hair-to-toe chic! Another hair-to-toe outfit from TJMaxx makes this look possible.

This bowler hat with the feather detail brings a vintage vibe to this chic look. I added a pop of color with this Club Monaco suede bag and voila, mall ready! Tip: use the inner lining of the hat to help you secure your hats to your head. Push some bobby pins through the lining, and then slide the pins into your hair. Great way for us curly girls to keep our hats on!

The date night look. Aren't we all looking to have that ready-to-go-to, super casual outfit for date night? Cooler nights call for thicker, heavier clothing. Since it's been so mild here in VA, I've gone for my favorite riding cap. I bought this from forever21 some time ago, but it still gets the job done!

Tip: search for unusual hats in great colors that you can wear with various hairstyles!

For more #naturalistachic #fall ready looks, search my signature hashtag #nhdcstyleQUEEN on instagram.

*This is not a sponsored post. I'm just truly a #maxxinista! Lol.

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