The Road To Wilks: Seanna-Kaye and Courtney's Love Story

Courtney and I have a special and unique love story. Because of how much our union has changed our lives the theme for our December 2016 wedding is “True Love’s Prayer.”

I’ll start with the prayer part. I never thought that someone else would point me to the love of my life. I’m notoriously guarded when it comes to my personal life due to hurtful past experiences that I lived through on a large public scale. So when my dear friend Kerri-Ann emphatically declared that she knew who my husband was going to be, I initially shot her down. I viewed matchmaking attempts as judgment that I couldn’t hack the life-partner choice on my own. But it was hearing me pray during a worship service that convinced her that I would be compatible with Courtney, because she had heard him pray for her and her family years ago when they were grieving the loss of her grandparent. And guess what? Our spiritual compatibility is one of my favorite things about our relationship. I’ve learned so much about Courtney by listening to how he prays, why he prays, who he prays for, what he prays about.

The Road to Wilks. Remember how reluctant I was to have someone set me up? It literally took a flat tire for Courtney and I to go on our first date. We had established a friendship as a result of Kerri-Ann connecting us but I wasn’t looking for anything more. Several months into that friendship Courtney asked me out and I kept opting out. My final excuse was “I have a flat tire,” and he helpfully pointed out that I could take the train. So I did, and we had such a great first date that I almost missed my train back home! And we’ve been on this love journey ever since. It’s taken us all over the country as I support his pastoral ministry and he supports my speaking engagements and events, and I truly believe that before long we will be in ministry together. I can’t wait to see where The Road to Wilks takes us!

True love. Such a clichéd phrase. And what the heck does it mean???? Courtney and I were giving relationship advice to a young woman in her early 20’s, and Courtney said to her, “Most people do things in reverse, they jump into relationships feelings-first and THEN get to know each other. If you’re looking for true love, try things the other way around, get to know people and then choose who you want to have your heart.” I listened like I was in the twilight zone. You see, it had taken me a while, but with my temperament that’s exactly what I had to learn in order to get love right. I was a hopeless romantic who had gotten burned more than I care to recall. I never stopped believing in love, but if I had to tell you why it hadn’t worked for me before, it was simply because in the past I chose wrong and stayed too long. Now I’m a hopeful romantic, preparing to spend the rest of my life with someone who has gotten to know me and intellectually decided that I’m the one for him. He’s definitely the one for me. It’s true love for the long haul.

Our Wedding. We are celebrating our marriage in Jamaica! It’s basically a family reunion with a wedding in the middle lol! We’re both from Jamaica and there is nothing better than Christmas in Jamaica! We also both come from large families that love to laugh, have fun, eat, worship, sing, dress up, dance, enjoy life. Planning a wedding in another country is challenging, even if it’s a country you know well. Especially since we put this together in about 6 months, we’ve been really blessed to have help from family and friends.

Thank you for allowing me to share this with you, I’m looking forward to sharing more with you about #TheRoadToWilks as we celebrate our union and then establish our home. To follow the festivities, see the hashtags #TheUltimateBridalBrunch, #HowTheWilksWereOne and #WilksYouMarryMe16

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