How I Survived Back-to-School 2016

Back-to-school is the one time of year where all my planning, organization and coordination skills come into play. This year it was especially challenging as not only are my children returning to the classroom, but I am continuing my education with an apprenticeship in cosmetology. Here’s a look at how I got it together for the whole family for our first day of school!

As a mom, organization is super important! While everyone is still getting going for the day, it's vital that I plan out my must-be-done priorities, followed by my tasks that if not completed can be carried over to the very next day. My priorities vs tasks system has definitely cut down on stress and anxiety so I highly recommend it!

Mommy Tip #1. Choose a colorful theme for all your organizational tools (your planner, pens & pencils, folders, clip boards, paper clips and post-its). This makes everything appealing to the eye, making it enjoyable to keep everything organized!

Since our preQUEEN™ is heading to the first grade, we definitely want to make back-to-school special for her. We're trying out simple but beautiful hairstyles, so that we know exactly what we're planning to do in preparation for her big day!!!

Mommy Tip #3. Use kid friendly products such as EDEN Body Works #EDENkids Berry Natural Detangling Shampoo, Leave-In Detangler, Hair Milk and Curly Crème to style your #preQUEEN™! It's the perfect collection for back-to-school styles!

To make sure our children have a healthy balanced diet, it is really important that we keep lots of fresh fruits and vegetables in our homes. The kids can make themselves a refreshing meal or snack, since I keep their favorite fruits washed, sliced and ready to eat. This frees me up to work on another priority or a task! •

Mommy Tip #3. Keep your fresh, sliced fruit separated in different containers so that your children can pick and choose the fruits they prefer! They can help you pack their lunches or help themselves to an after school snack.

Keeping kids involved in the back-to- school process gets them excited for the first day of school, and the coming school year! It also teaches them responsibility and self-preparedness. Helping them to pack their backpack is a great way to go through the checklist, making sure everything has been packed for the big day! •

Mommy Tip #4. Take advantage of tax free weekend for back to school shopping! If you like to buy things a little at a time, make sure you get the checklist from school early, so you can buy things in advance!

My life is far from glamorous! It's not every day that I can make time for a full face of make up but when I do.... I go full out!! From time to time I need a huge pick me up so as part of my self-care and balance routine, I recognize when it is time to beautify. Since I'm working on my priorities and tasks on-the-go, I need my outfit-of-the-day to be functional & comfortable, yet chic! So I normally throw on a chic hat like the ones I rocked in my summer hat look book. But today I chose a flowy dress, a cross body bag to free my hands, and some chic lace up flats to make sure I'm having an easy breezy day! •

Mommy Tip #5. Do one deliberate thing that makes you feel beautiful every single day! As moms we get so consumed with caring for our families that we can fall into a habit of putting ourselves on the back burner.

Our young king has been wearing glasses since Kindergarten. Keeping him from losing or breaking them has been the ultimate challenge. We are on pair number 16 – yes SIXTEEN so I’ve found a few cost saving websites and stores to help us save money on lenses and frames.

Mommy Tip #2. Have your child’s eyes checked at the beginning of the school year. This ensures that our children are starting the year of with an updated prescription if needed.

So excited to announce that I'm heading to cosmetology school this fall! I'm finally turning my kitchen-beautician hobby into a full-fledged career! I've been an apprentice for the past six months and had my own first day of school on September 7, 2016! Since I'm heading back to the classroom I need to stay organized and on top of assignments and due dates and exams. This colorful binder from target will definitely help keep me disciplined and focused and on task! •

Mommy Tip #6 (for Continuing Education). In your planner, write down today's assignments and exams as soon as you get them, in colorful ink so that you'll have them ingrained in your mind and fixed in your schedule! My undergraduate college professor Dr. Shand "The MAN" would always say, "People forget, paper remembers... So WRITE IT DOWN!" Follow me on my cosmetology journey as I go from #bloggertobeautician!

Well, thanks for tuning in and getting this virtual view of my day as I planned it out, practiced back-to-school styles, got the kids to a healthy start with fresh fruit, packed back-to-school bags, took time for self-care by getting glam, got organized for my continuing education and rewarded myself for a job well done! I hope you enjoyed and were able to pick up some useful tips along the way!

So how did you get ready for back-to-school?

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