Food Before Love

Casandra Rosario, Founder, Food Before Love


Q: Cas, tell us about yourself and your brand:


A: Well My Name is Casandra & I'm a hungry socialite turned entrepreneur. I'm from Spanish Harlem and food has always been a big part of my life and culture. Someday, I look to open my own restaurant and actually went to school for Hospitality and Service Management in hopes to achieve that goal. Food Before Love started when I wanted to get back into my love for food and it's a platform for restaurant reviews (basically whenever my stomach goes) but I also create small group food related events.


Q: What is the goal of Food Before Love?


A: The goal of Food Before Love is to help everyone find love on the menu.


Q: With so many eateries throughout NYC, how do you stay connected to those hidden gems in your neighborhood?


A: It is really hard to decide where to eat in NYC! Too many options, but trying to stick to my neighborhood does make it easier on me because it's a small community and I can set out to try them all and that can actually be realistic versus the entire rest of the  city.


Q: We had a great experience collaborating with you on the Natural Hair Brunch Affair held at Agua Fresca in Harlem! What were the standout experiences or moments of that event for you?


A: Aw man, the brunch was so much fun and so informative. Thank you ladies again for working on that event with me. The standout moment in both sessions had to be the ice breaker on what do you love about your neighbor, mainly because it really made everyone comfortable instantly and it brought a lot of joy into the space. I also enjoyed everyone who loved the food and told me so! That really made my heart warm.


Q: We love the YUM CAM! With so many delicious submissions and entries, how do you choose?


A: Oh yes! The yum cam (for those who don't know) is when people submit food they have when they eat out or it could even be something homemade . Believe me, it's tough to decide because I do get a lot of submissions but if I can look at something and say “yummmm I want to eat this right now, I'm so jealous,”  then it's definitely getting featured.


Q: Your interests are not limited to creating food experiences, you’re also involved in a foundation that helps young children in Harlem. Tell us more about that and how we can get involved.


A: That is correct, I am on the board for The Be Gr8 Foundation and we actually had a toy drive on December 21st in the Polo grounds. So please, tell your friends we are always looking for volunteers, and anyone interested can email


Q: We have seen firsthand how efficient, organized and focused you are. Please share some words of wisdom for our future entrepreneurs and event planners.


A: Thank you! I love to say prioritize your passions, because it's so important to realize what comes first especially when things need to get done. It helps that procrastination bug a lot of us may have. If you have a goal in mind and you commit yourself to that goal, it can get done. But you have to really commit, be realistic about your expectations and don't give up when something fails. It's all a part of the process, just keep going.


Q: What does the future hold for Food Before Love? Any events that we should start getting hungry for in the upcoming months?


A: Wow the future holds some great things for us. Our next event for 2014 is actually a weekend of events titled "Love on The Menu" happening Valentine’s Day weekend! Our first event is a speed dating event where some of our guest will be partially blind - desserts provided by Tipsy tasty and we are following up that event with the Power Couple Brunch. The Brunch will be a forum about achieving and maintaining a successful relationship and professional life. Lastly, we are hosting a cupcake making class "Recipe of love" with Justice Sweets and everyone is invited to everything! (Unless you already are in a relationship, then Friday’s speed dating event is off limits for you guys!) Tickets are on for anyone interested.