1. Name and location - Tiffany Clarke, North France!!!

2. Occupation - Professional Basketball Player

3. Hair type/porosity - 4B/4C, low porosity

4. Maintenance of your hair by season - In the fall/winter I do protective styling 98% of the time. I wear a lot of 2-strand twists, tucked buns, and sengalese twists. In the Spring and Summer I still protective style with weaves and sengalese twists. However, I do wear my hair out a tad more!

5. Favorite Products (by season or year round) - Year Round: I LOVE Jessicurl's Deep Conditioning Treatment!!!! That is BOMB.COM when it comes to some serious moisture. I also cannot live with Kinky Curly Knot Today Leave-In Conditioner, Sheamoisture Curl Enhancing Smoothie, and Elucence Moisture Balancing Conditioner!

6. Top 3 sources of products (include store/market name & location) - Most, if not all, of my products are bought from Curlmart.com... Then everything else I find at my local beauty supply stores, Walgreens, and CVS.

7. Go-to signature hairstyle - Playing basketball I workout and sweat a lot. Therefore, my go-to hairstyles are low-maintenance and simple. You will catch me rocking either a high puff or 2-strand twists.

8. A "don't forget to pack" item for naturals traveling to your region - DO NOT FORGET YOUR SATIN HEADTIE, SCARF, BONNETT, SATIN PILLOWCASE OR WHATEVER YOU USE! I forgot mine the first month I was here and was STRUGGLING. They are not easy to find in North France as they are in America. They are so hard to find that I had to have mine shipped to me from my parents! O_O

9. 1-2 recommended attractions or weekend getaways in your area - Take a weekend and go to Paris, Brussells, London, or Amsterdam! Each city is just an 1-1 1/2 train ride away! Trains are luxurious and cheap! It is extremely easy to travel in Europe!

10. Your own Dream travel destination or travel goals - My travel goals while I am playing in Europe is to see as many countries as I can! I have already knocked quite a few off my list from living in France! I have a travel bucket list on Pinterest like I am sure everyone else does :-D My dream travel destination would be Dubai!

11. Favorite season/best time for people to visit your location. - Best time to visit would be late Spring/Summer. Because I am in the north part of France, it does not get extremely hot. It is very comfortable and nice. High 60s to mid 70s tops!

12. What are your Social media handles? 

Feel free to follow my hair/basketball journey! 

Instagram: Clarke_No_Kent; Twitter: T_Clarke34 Blog: sittingcourtside.blogspot.com

Naturalista Global Map - Europe

1. Name and location Nandi, Sweden

2. Occupation Student

3. Hair type/porosity My hair has medium porosity, not a big fan of hair typing.

4. Maintenance of your hair by season Since I do reviews for the blog my maintenance routine varies a bit. But generally I wash my hair every 7 to 10 days, condition or deep condition it (depending on my hair's state/need). I always use a leave in conditioner and mostly let it air dry. In the winter months I do however use a diffuser on days where I need to leave the house after washing.  

5. Favorite Products (by season or year round) I have a list on the blog (Hair of Heritage) but my top three products are Darcy's Botanicals Deep Conditioning Mask, Kinky Curly Knot Today and Anita Grants Rhassoul Deep Condish, my hair love these products and they are a must have in my bathroom cabinet!

6. Top 3 sources of products (include store/market name & location) British Curlies and I Love Natural Hair. I order most of my hair care online. 

7. Go-to signature hairstyle Hmm... tricky one. I do different buns a lot, love my wash n goes in summer, do 'the milkmaids braid" quite a bit, and I love head wraps :)

8. A "don't forget to pack" item for naturals traveling to your region Deep conditioner, leave in conditioner, Swedish climate leaves hair dry, especially in winter! 

9. 1-2 recommended attractions or weekend getaways in your area Wow, this one is hard since I'm not a turist. I take people to see Turning Torso and the beach in summer. And for winter months I'd recommend Emporia for shopping or some cafe in the town center.

10. Your own Dream travel destination or travel goals

I have too many to list,but I love to travel to places where its hot!

11. Favorite season/best time for people to visit your location.

Depends what kind of person you are! If you like dark, cold and winter you should come in winter! But I'm a summerperson so I always tell people to visit in summer. I think late June or July is the best time to come. 

12. What are your Social media handles?

Twitter/Instagram @HairofHeritage





1. Name and location

My name is Tewa, from black lifestyle blog ThisGirlSBlackBook, www.tgsbb.com . I was born and raised in Amsterdam, in Holland. My parents were born in Surinam (a former Dutch colony in South America.)

2. Occupation
I am the owner of my blog ThisGirlSBlackBook and I am a freelance teacher and lecturer for youngsters. I teach them how to deal with cybersafety, cyberbullying, grooming, sexting, online identities etc. 

3. Hair type/porosity
I think my hair is a mixture of 3c and 4A, I have a lot of fine threads.

4. Maintenance of your hair by season

Only during the winter season I wear a protective style (mostly kinky hair twists), during the other seasons I love my wash and go's. If I don't have a wash and go hairdo, I wear my hair in a bun. I would love to vary a bit more but my hair is at its best when it is loose. I wish I could wear twist outs or braid outs, but my hair structure is just not suitable for this look and it always looks rather sad on me.  

5. Favorite Products (by season or year round)

I have to say I suffer from product junkieness, so my list of favorite products is long and it changes quite a lot. These are my current favorites:
-Hairveda Amala Cream Rinse 

-Herbal Essences Conditioner

-Anita Grant Rhassoul Cubes
-Karen's Body Beautiful

 Super Duper Hydrating Hair Cream

-Jamaican Castor Oil 
-Raw Organic Coconut Oil 

-Kinky Curly Nourishing Hair Oil

-Shea Moisture Curl Enhancing Smoothie

6. Top 3 sources of products (include store/market name & location)

Unfortunately, in Holland natural hair products are not available in our local drugstores. I mostly buy my products online. My favorite online suppliers are Natural Black Hair, Shimai and British Curlies.

7. Go-to signature hairstyle

The wash and go look!! It gets bigger and better during the day and it is at its best at night when I go to sleep (unfortunately).

8. A "don't forget to pack" item for naturals traveling to your region

Pack your American hairproducts because these are so much more expensive in Holland! 

9. 1-2 recommended attractions or weekend getaways in your area 

Amsterdam is a great city to visit! Even though many tourist see Amsterdam as the city of sins, you can have a very multicultural experience without the sinning. The food is fantastic and you can rent a bike to see the most gorgeous and picturesque places in Amsterdam. So,if you are going to visit Amsterdam, dont forget to read my post about the best Dutch Black Soulfood in Amsterdam: http://www.thisgirlsblackbook.com/black-soulfood-in-amsterdam/. I have listed a few of my favorite places to eat soulfood, such as Surinames, Jamaican and Brazilian. And last but not least: the best museum in town isn't the Van Gogh but the 'Tropen Museum', a great interactive museum about Dutch ethnic culture: http://www.tropenmuseum.com/smartsite.shtml?ch=TMU&id=5860

10. Your own Dream travel destination or travel goals

I have been travelling quite a lot but I have to admit that I have never been to New York. My travel goal for 2014 is to travel to New York!! I have never been to New York, just because I think I would like it so much that I wouldn't want to go back home. I have set a goal to visit New York either in the spring or fall 2014. If anyone has tips, they are very welcome! 

11. Favorite season/best time for people to visit your location.

Amsterdam is lovely in the spring, when all the tullips are blossoming and the sun is shining. If you are a dare devil, you can rent a (water) bike to see the city and its beautiful canals. Also, on the 27th of April we celebrate the birth of our King, which is the biggest holiday in our country. Everyone wears something orange (the national colour) and goes out to have fun. It is a great way to mingle and see something of the Dutch culture.

My favorite celebration is during the summer, on the first of July where we celebrate the Dutch abolition of slavery. It is called 'Keti Koti'. If you are interested to see how black people in Holland celebrate festivities, this is a must visit. The festival evolves around Caribbean food and music, but a big part is about the commemoration of the slaves in the former colonies of Holland (Dutch Antilles and Surinam).

12. What are your Social media handles? 

You can find me and my blog on:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ThisGirlsBlackBook
Instagram: http://instagram.com/thisgirlsblackbook
Bloglovin: http://www.bloglovin.com/blog/8084819/this-girls-black-book

Twitter: https://twitter.com/TGSBB

Google +: https://plus.google.com/110375096473501016480/posts

Youtube: http://www.youtube.com/channel/UCMpzEioktKbtCbV5StvZc2A

1. Name & Location 

Laila- London

2. Occupation

Student/ Beauty Vlogger Freelance Marketing & Comms consultant 

3. Hair type/porosity

3b-4b with medium porosity, coloured section had high porosity.

4. Maintenance of your hair by season

My hair routine usually stays the same throughout the seasons but i tend to use more butters in colder months as well as steaming weekly. 

5. Favorite Products (by season or year round)

All year round i'm never without whipped shea butter and coconut oil.

6. Top 3 sources of products (include store/market name & location)

Superdrugs- there's one on practically every high street and shopping mall in London. 

Paks Cosmetics- Finsbury Park, Dalston high street and Woodgreen

Beauty Queens- Dalston high street

7. Go-to signature hairstyle

Flat twist and two strand twist updo's... my absolute fav

8. A "don't forget to pack" item for naturals traveling to your region

Umbrella! i know natural aren't afraid of the rain but there's nothing worse that prepping for a braid-out or twist-out then having it ruined by the rain.

9. 1-2 recommended attractions or weekend getaways

-The Science Museum! your inner child will thank you. 

-Que Gardens-- absolutely breathtaking 

10. Dream travel destination or travel goals

I have a long list but Thailand is my first stop next you and i'm really looking forward to it.

11. Favorite season/best time to visit your locale 

Summer! there's always amazing festivals and cultural events happening in the summer. 

12.Social media handles 

Twitter/ Instagram/ Tumblr- Neffyfrofro

Youtube- Fusion of Cultures 

1. Hello, I am Iris, and I live in Paris, France

2. I am currently pursuing a Master's degree in Business and Management

3. My hair is 4a & 4b natural hair

4. I don't particularly protective style, I wear my hair out most of the time and enjoy end of the week hair which means I can rock a curly fro. 

5. My favorite products would be the Terressentials Hair Wash in Left Coast Lemon, coconut oil, and my shea butter whipped cream (homemade).

6. My top 3 source of products: iHerb.com, Aroma-Zone.com (French natural products such as oils and butters retailer) They also have a physical store in Saint-Germain-des-Prés and lastly my brother when he can shop the London Whole Foods. 

7. Twist out Wash n go - a stretched wash n go 

close second is a frizzy braid out

8. Sealing products

9. A walk in the Palais Royal and Jardin des Tuileries, and along the quay of the Seine (all the way down to reach the Eiffel Tower)

10. New York City is my second home, I've been there 7 times and I want to live there after I graduate hopefully.

11. Spring Summer: from June to August

12. I have a YouTube channel: http://www.youtube.com/irisnaturelle and a blog http://www.irisnaturelle.com 

You can also follow my Facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/IrisNaturelle ; Instagram: http://www.instagram.com/irisnaturelle ; Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/irisnaturelle