The Benefits of Scalp Massage

By Shalleen-Kaye Denham


Scalp Massage helps stimulate circulation of blood to follicles, which can aid in the growth, appearance, and health of the hair.


Research shows benefits as part of the management of hair thinning when scalp massage is done twice a day. Continue

Seanna-Kaye's Tea Rinse Recipe and Method By Seanna-Kaye Denham


I started using tea rinses as part of my regimen when my hair was in recovery from a period of excessive dryness and breakage (See: Seanna-Kaye’s length retention regimen). I’ve experimented with and refined my process over time, to use a less concentrated amount of tea with the same results. You can get the store brand of caffeinated tea bags, 100 count box for $3, it doesn’t have to be expensive. Continue

Heat Damage Chronicles

By Shalleen-Kaye Denham


I had my hair professionally straightened on March 22, 2013 and suffered sever heat damage! My hair fell out in clumps and even broke off from the root in some areas. I take good care of my hair so to say I was devastated was an understatement. Continue


 By Dr. Seanna-Kaye Denham


For some of us, exercising personal boundaries comes naturally. For others, we have to learn what our personal boundaries are, sometimes through challenging, painful experiences. If you have an issue with boundaries TRUST ME when I say from personal and professional experience Continue