A-Nu Experience

The A-Nu Experience with Anu Prestonia and the Khamit Kinks Salon Dream Team on November 14, 2013 was truly phenomenal! Anu Prestonia, known as the Queen Mother of Natural Hair, is the founder of Khamit Kinks, the signature luxury full-service natural hair salon located in Brooklyn New York. She is also the founder of Anu Essentials,a line of hair and body products made of natural and organic ingredients. Anu has assembled a talented team of stylists who specialize in Afro-textured hair, and she & her team are trusted by many well-known celebrities (Solange, Lenny Kravitz, Venus Williams, etc.) to take care of their tresses and create magazine-cover worthy  styles. 














We co-hosted the Anu-Experience with Anu in the company of a standing room only crowd of eager Naturalistas, who interacted with each other, tested the Anu Essentials product samples, watched styling demos, and enjoyed hors d’oeuvres. 














Even our mom was  in the house! 













Shakira was also in the house, shaping and styling guests’ eyebrows to create polished looks for their natural tresses.













Several of our friends who are bloggers, designers, and models came out to support and participate, check out their social media sites! 

















Our FAVORITE kind of event is one that combines our three core principles: Hairspiration, Hairconversion, and Hairducation. The A-Nu experience delivered just that! Hairspiration: an inspiring set of styles showcasing a variety of textures and lengths. Here are some of the styles we saw created before our eyes, the creativity of the stylists really shows!












Hairconversion: we were won over by the need to include salon services as part of our regimen. Hairducation: we learned many tips about the use of products (Anu Essentials hair products are concentrated, so less is more) and hair care (getting trims on a scheduled basis; communicate with your stylist about your hair goals; no need to be anti-shampoo if you pick the right kind of shampoo that’s moisturizing, and free of sulfates, parabens, and phthalates.) 













That’s a wrap!




















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www.khamitkinks.com for details. Photos courtesy of Michael July

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